Kevin Karns: Vocals
In high school, he participated in chorus, show choir, and all-state choir. Over the next 22 years the extent of his musical performance consisted of singing at weddings, church choir, praise band.

He got involved with live music during the winter of 2009, with the band called The Whiskey Saints . Later in 2009, he was in Jester, and was with them until 2011. From 2011 to 2017, he was in Knucklehead. He is a founding member of Teaser since 2017.

Kevin crooning

Mico McDaniel: Bass Guitar, Vocals

Mico is a Multi-instrumentalist that plays for several area bands,  including Bar Flyz and GTP.  He was in Teaser for 2 years before, and has come back to help us out.  A fantastic bassist, he'll be laying down the low end grove, with flashes of brilliance every so often!

Marc Kramer:  Lead Guitar, Vocals, Samples

Marc has been playing guitar in bands since he was 16, starting Kross-Fire in high school, and later attended Musician’s Institute (GIT) in Hollywood, CA, for a summer session when he was 19.  Upon returning, he became a founding member of On The Brink for 5 years, then Teaser (a different band) for 5 years, then Talon for 22 years.

When trying to name this band, after going months through a list of names, he mentioned that Teaser and Talon had been his 2 favorite band names, and instantly, everyone said “Teaser” was a great name, and that was it.

Marc says, “I have been fortunate to be in bands with really talented musicians over the years, and this band is no exception!”


Robby Hughes: Drums

The dream of playing drums was always in his head from the time of second grade.  Before he actually had drums everything in the house was a drum.  Officially got his first mix/match brands & colors making one entire set at the age of 9.  Drums looked something out of a Frankenstein movie.  After beating them to death on endless amounts of Kiss records and a year or two of band class and a few lessons, he finally upgraded to good quality drums. Playing along with Van Halen, Def Leppard, Whitesnake  and many other hard rock bands,  he met a few chaps in high school and put a band together.  Practicing Iron Maiden, Ozzy and Dokken tunes, seasoning their skills, they created the popular band Taiga. Taiga released an EP (late 1989 )selling at a few local record stores. Since that time Robby has taken many long breaks in playing drums.  After a few other bands later got a call to jam “and see where it goes”. Teaser came out of that jam session and is really happy he got the call.